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Results from a Fairtrade survey we did…

Results from a Fairtrade survey we did…

According to a survey conducted at North Acton Playing Fields at the end of September, 76% of local consumers buy Fairtrade products, either regularly or occasionally.

The survey was carried out on behalf of Ealing Fairtrade Group by a group of young people participating in NCS The Challenge (a programme offering 15-17 year olds the chance to take on new challenges).

  • 76% of respondents recognized the Fairtrade Mark and were able to briefly explain the concept of Fairtrade.
  • 23% of respondents said they buy Fairtrade products every week, and 53% said they buy them occasionally.

The most popular Fairtrade product was chocolate, followed by bananas and then coffee.

Those who never buy Fairtrade products said they don’t do so because they didn’t know about Fairtrade, or their local shop doesn’t stock FT products.

Those who only occasionally buy Fairtrade products said their reasons for not buying more were that they thought Fairtrade products are more expensive, or that they prefer to stick to their favourite brands.

Fairtrade chocolate tasting

On the same afternoon the group hosted a Fairtrade chocolate tasting at North Acton Pavilion. A variety of different chocolate bars were chosen, in order to show that Fairtrade is not necessarily more expensive. As well as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, several supermarket own brand chocolates were sampled, including Sainsbury’s Milk and Dark chocolate bars and The Cooperative’s Milk, and White with Crispy Rice.

Jackie and Hayley at the chocolate tasting

Jackie and Hayley at the chocolate tasting

Fairtrade swirl chocolate spread

Fairtrade swirl chocolate spread – one of many ways to enjoy your Fairtrade chocolate.