Ealing Fairtrade Group is a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting Fairtrade in Ealing. We meet regularly to arrange a programme of fun Fairtrade events and activities in the Ealing area. Anyone with an interest in Fairtrade is very welcome to join us.

Ealing is a Fairtrade borough

Ealing was awarded fairtrade borough status by the Fairtrade Foundation in April 2008, after a five-year campaign. This means that:

  1. Ealing Council supports Fairtrade, and serves Fairtrade products in its staff cafe.
  2. More than 40 shops and well over 20 cafes and pubs in the borough serve two or more Fairtrade products
  3. Fairtrade products are available in various offices, schools, workplaces, places of worship and community groups
  4. Fairtrade is actively promoted and publicized in the borough
  5. A Fairtrade steering group meets once a month and anyone living or working in the borough is welcome to join
Cutting our Fairtrade declaration ceremony fruit cake

Cutting our FT fruit cake

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to become a Fairtrade borough – we couldn’t have done it without the support and hard work of so many enthusiastic people. Achieving Fairtrade status does not mean that the hard work can stop, however. We still need to ensure more Fairtrade products are consumed in Ealing so that more farmers, workers and their families in developing countries can enjoy the benefits that Fairtrade brings.

London: a Fairtrade city

On 23 October 2008 London became the world’s largest Fairtrade City. Hundreds of retailers and catering outlets in London now sell a range of Fairtrade products, including iconic London institutions like the Barbican, the British Library café, the Horniman Museum, the London Eye, the National Theatre, the Royal Festival Hall, St Martins in the Field café, Amnesty International UK, Houses of Parliament, the café at Princess Diana Memorial Gardens and many more.

Becoming a Fairtrade borough: the journey

Ealing Fairtrade Group was formed in March 2003, and Ealing Council passed a resolution to support Fairtrade in July of that year. The group made slow but steady progress towards achieving the five goals for a Fairtrade Town, which are set by the Fairtrade Foundation. In August 2005 Fairtrade coffee was introduced into the new staff café for Council employees at Perceval House.

During 2007 the group passed a crucial milestone – achieving the target of 40 shops and 20 catering establishments offering at least two Fairtrade products.  This was due in part to the increased availability of products such as Fairtrade wines (now available in many off licences) and Fairtrade cotton (which can be found in stores such as M&S, Monsoon and Top Shop/Top Man). The target for catering outlets was reached and surpassed when Fullers made the decision to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee in all their pubs from May 2007.

History timeline

  • 2003: Ealing Council pledged to support Fairtrade.
  • 2005: Fairtrade coffee was introduced in the Council’s café in Perceval House.
  • 2007: The Ealing Fairtrade Group achieved a target, 40 shops and 20 catering establishments offering at least two Fairtrade products.
  • 2008: The Ealing Fairtrade Group achieved Fairtrade Borough status for Ealing, along with over half of the 32 boroughs being granted Fairtrade status, making London a Fairtrade City.
  • 2011: The Group has achieved renewal of Fairtrade Borough status for Ealing. Our next renewal application will be due in September 2013.

Fairtrade products

The group’s activities, combined with those of hundreds of other similar groups across the UK, have helped to bring about a huge growth in the market for Fairtrade products.

Future goals

Now that Ealing has achieved Fairtrade borough status, it doesn’t mean that the group’s work will stop. One of our aims is to involve more schools in our activities. A growing number of schools – from primary schools to sixth form colleges – are using and/or teaching about Fairtrade goods, and since the start of the campaign staff and students at Drayton Manor High School have taken a leading role. Another aim is to seek the active involvement of the borough’s diverse ethnic and faith groups.

Anyone with an interest in Fairtrade is welcome to join Ealing Fairtrade Group. You don’t have to take an active role; if you would just like to be kept up-to-date with our progress, that’s fine.

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